For Piotr Musiał, music has always been more than just sounds. From purely orchestral scores to hybrid and even funky and pop music, Piotr is a versatile composer flexible in many styles.

His unending fascination with Hollywood film scores of the 80s, combined with his passion for minimal and modern music, has driven him into creating his own style while manifesting his trademark perfectionism and detail in his work.

Piotr has worked for 11 bit studios, CD Projekt RED, People Can Fly (former Epic Games Poland), Farm 51, Flying Wild Hog, C.I. Games, Platige Image, Audiomachine, Gothic Storm and Sonokinetic amongst many others. He has recorded music with orchestras in Poland, Great Britain, Czech and Germany as an orchestrator and composer for local and international clients.

A few of his game credits include The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine (DLC), Bulletstorm, Anomaly series by 11 bit studios, Dogfight 1942, Grimlands as well as Deadfall Adventures and This War of Mine – awarded Best Polish Game Music Album of 2014 and 2013 respectively.


  • original composition for
    • video games
    • film
    • trailers
    • TV and advertisement
  • orchestration & arrangment
  • score preparation








THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT (BLOOD AND WINE DLC)    CD Projekt RED 2016    composer
BEAT COP    Pixel Crow, 11 bit studios 2016    composer
THIS WAR OF MINE: THE LITTLE ONES    11 bit studios 2016    composer
THIS WAR OF MINE    11 bit studios 2014    composer
STORM AND SKYE    Digimoo Studios 2014    composer
JUJU    Flying Wild Hog 2014    composer
DEADFALL ADVENTURES    Farm 51 2013    composer
THE GREAT GATSBY: SECRET TREASURE    Sodigital 2013    composer
ANOMALY 2    11 bit studios 2013    composer
SLEEPWALKER'S JOURNEY    11 bit studios 2012    composer
FUNKY SMUGGLERS    11 bit studios 2012    composer
ANOMALY: KOREA    11 bit studios 2012    composer
DOGFIGHT 1942    C.I. Games 2012    composer
GRIMLANDS    Drago Entertainment 2012    composer
BULLETSTORM    People Can Fly 2011    orchestrator
ANOMALY: WARZONE EARTH    11 bit studios 2011    composer
MURDER IN VENICE    C.I. Games 2011    composer
CHRONICLES OF MYSTERY: TREE OF LIFE    C.I. Games 2011    composer
BITTER SAM    Moon Active 2011    composer
VAMPIRE MOON    C.I. Games 2010    composer
AXEL: WIELKA UCIECZKA    Moonrise Interactive 2010    composer
HELL RACING    4Dewind 2009    composer
THEY    Metropolis Software 2008    composer
GILFOR'S TALES    Sodigital 2008    composer


#WSZYSTKOGRA    A. Glińska 2016    add. orchestrator
JA, INKWIZYTOR    M. Drzewiecki 2014    composer
HERO AND THE MESSAGE    Platige Image 2013    orchestrator
SZAL    J. Bocian 2013    composer
MOJE MIEJSCE WE ŚNIE    D. Landowski 2013    composer
GNIEW HUSARII    M. Drzewiecki 2012    composer
180 STOPNI    J. Gruszka 2012    composer
DZIEŃ Z ŻYCIA ŚW. MIKOŁAJA    S. Kwidzyński 2012    composer
STARCRAFT: FINAL METAMORPHOSIS    C. Scubli 2011    composer
MA GRANICY    J. Budziak 2010    composer
LUFTWAFFLES    W. Baar 2010    composer
A LONG TIME AGO IN ILZA    Drzewiecki, Bocian 2009    composer
OZONMAN    S. Kwidzyński 2009    composer
13 SCEN    J. Jagodziński 2008    composer
PROPELLERHAT    Tractor Media 2008    composer
WROCŁAW - MIASTO SPOTKAŃ    J. Jagodziński 2008    composer
BRUTEFORCE    Jerzy Drozda Jr. 2008    composer
OBYCZAJ    J. Jagodziński 2007    composer
"2012"    J. Jagodziński 2007    composer


LOST (AMAZON LUMBERYARD)    Amazon 2017    composer
ABSTRAXI PROMO VIDEO    Abstraxi 2012    composer
GALAXIA ACE AD    EuroGsm 2011    composer
WINTER HOLIDAYS AD    EuroGsm 2011    composer
GALAXIA TAB    EuroGsm 2011    composer
BALBINKI    Pekpol 2011    composer
CHRISTMAS CARDS    Sonokinetic 2010    composer
CHRISTMAS CARDS    Sonokinetic 2009    composer
AGORA LOGOTYPE    Agora 2008    composer
TV AD    TopDot 2008    composer
PRESENTATION    Yamaha 2008    composer
TV SPOT    Sport.pl 2008    composer
SPORT HISTORY    Gazeta Wyborcza 2008    composer
KOLEKCJA LEMA    Gazeta Wyborcza 2008    composer


WINGS OF APOCALYPSE    Eternal Eclipse 2017    composer
FOUNTAIN OF ETERNITY    Eternal Eclipse 2017    composer
WORLDS OF WONDER    Audiomachine 2016    composer
TITAN    Audiomachine 2015    composer
INTROS    Audiomachine 2015    composer
FANTASY & ADVENTURE    Beds & Beats 2015    composer, orchestrator
ACTION HYBRID    Beds & Beats 2015    orchestrator
DRAGONS AND KINGS    Gothic Storm 2015    composer
DRAGONS AND KINGS - HYBRID EDITION    Gothic Storm 2015    composer
SHADES OF THE ABYSS    Position Music 2014    composer
EPIC CINEMASCAPES    Beds & Beats 2014    orchestrator


CD Projekt Red 2016    orchestrator
SOTTO    Sonokinetic 2015    orchestrator, demo composer
TUTTI VOX    Sonokinetic 2015    orchestrator, demo composer
CAPRICCIO    Sonokinetic 2015    orchestrator, demo composer
GROSSO    Sonokinetic 2014    orchestrator, demo composer
MINIMAL    Sonokinetic 2013    orchestrator, demo composer
FREEKS UNPLUGGED    Freeks 2013    composer, orchestrator
DA CAPO    Sonokinetic 2012    orchestrator, composer
VIVACE    Sonokinetic 2012    orchestrator, composer
THE WITCHER SUITE    Music Imaginary 2011    orchestrator
TUTTI    Sonokinetic 2011    orchestrator, composer
ROJIN    Sonokinetic 2011    demo composer
SULTAN STRINGS    Sonokinetic 2011    demo composer


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